Formally a farm cottage Chestnut House was sourced for client’s who had seen Hill Cottage Farm and fallen in love with the design but required something slightly smaller. We are always looking for suitable sites for clients and in 2010 we found a site in Lapworth that looked perfect for development. The plot already had outline planning for a replacement dwelling but the design was very plain and lacked imagination. Having shown this to our clients the site was purchased and we then proceeded in reapplying for detailed planning utilising the overall style of Hill Cottage Farm but without the cellar and slightly smaller in scale.

Architects Brief: •To follow the style of Hill Cottage Farm on a smaller scale
•No basement
•Move the utility to the front of the house to allow more windows to the kitchen at the rear with balconies to master and second bedrooms.
As the clients brief was fairly straight forward we adapted the Hill Cottage design to meet their requirements and budget. Again with this application as with Hill Cottage Farm adjustments were made so that the planners were happy with the design. This included taking away some of the manor like appearance by removing the middle gable and also taking away some of the stone work. We also had to reduce the ridge height slightly so that the planning department were happy that the house sat comfortably within the site. Following these adjustments planning was approved and work commenced in 2011.

Building properties specifically for clients is dramatically different to building properties to sell and it is therefore imperative to get a good brief from clients as to their specification requirements. We take time to discuss with clients styles and finishes, we encourage clients to print of photos and collect ideas of things they like so that their property can be design and built for them. We also decide on budgets for specific rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens to allow they project to run smoothly.

At Chestnut House our clients chose the internal materials from various options that we had sourced such as tiles and appliances, they identified ideas that they liked with the kitchen and bathroom designs and this resulted in them creating a home specific to their own requirements and taste, whilst having our expertise and experience to allow this to happen.